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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Before we start the cleaning process, we will do a pre-inspection of the carpets to establish what fibre type the carpet is and advise what we feel will be the best carpet cleaning method for each property. It also allows us to inspect any stains and then give the customer a realistic indication of the results that can be expected.

Domestic and residential properties are generally recommended to be cleaned annually as they can become dirty, whether from children or pets tracking mud through the house or unfortunate spillages. However, at Back To Life Cleaning Services, we aim to provide excellent domestic carpet cleaning in various locations when accidents happen.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning is where carpet cleaning is needed the most when we think of the amount of footfall and spillages these places receive. We work with golf clubs, hotels, offices, spas, care homes, gyms, letting agents, estate agents, dentists, pubs and several other industries to offer standard carpet cleaning.

After all, presentation is the window for potential clients, existing clients, visitors and employees to see how much pride and attention to detail your business takes to make the right impression.

There are generally two different types of carpet cleaning we offer. The one we use most often is called hot water extraction, and this involves a thorough pre-vacuum of the carpets with an industrial type vacuum cleaner. This is followed by a pre-spray cleaning solution sprayed onto the carpets, then agitated into the carpet pile. This then goes to work loosening and breaking up the soiling in the carpets. We then use the extraction process, which uses equipment that sprays down heated water to rinse through the soiling whilst then vacuuming and sucking out the dirt. We will then groom the carpets, lifting and setting the pile and then allowing the carpets to dry. The carpets are left slightly damp. The carpet is usually dry within a few hours. We can use air movers to speed up the drying process if this is necessary to do.

We will use different pre-sprays depending on the carpet type and the level of soiling on the carpets. Spotters will also be used on certain types of stains and marks.

The other method we use on either commercial carpet tiles or on carpets that have the potential to shrink or damage due to too much moisture we will use a low moisture carpet cleaning method. Firstly we start with a pre-vacuum with an industrial-grade vacuum cleaner. We will then spray down a pre-spray that is agitated into the carpet, loosen and break down the soiling. After this, we then run over a rotary cleaning system with an absorbent pad attached to the bottom, which lifts the soiling onto the pad. This method usually results in the carpets being dried quicker.