Carpet & Upholstery Stain Protection Uxbridge, Hillingdon, Ickenham, Harefield, Denham

At Back To Life Cleaning Services, after cleaning your carpets and or your soft furnishings, we can put on stain protection that will not alter the feel or the look.

The question we are often asked is, does stain protection work?

Many are luxury items if you have spent your time and money picking out the perfect carpet or upholstery for your home or workspace.

Sometimes we are a little hesitant to purchase these carpets or soft furnishings as we worry that we may damage them in a short period, whether that mark from your shoes or accidental spillage.

Then when we decide to purchase these items when we are being sold, we are then told by the person selling us these items to spend more money on getting them protected, making them more costly; that’s what leads us to the original question does stain protection work?

Without trying to bore you to tears, the short answer is YES. It does work the protector we use cures in the air to create a water and oil repellent barrier on porous surfaces and is suitable for most fabrics and fibres.

But don’t listen to anyone who will say it will prevent any stain, this is an excellent aid to have, but it is not prevention. This allows you more time to get the paper towel and soak up those spillages.

Stain protection doesn’t last forever. If someone says it didn’t work for them when they spilt a drink on it, different factors come into this time. Friction, cleaning, and light can all make the protection wear off slowly. So, if you say to that person how old the carpet was and they say five years old and had them cleaned 12 months before, that is probably why it didn’t work because the protection when they spilt the drink was no longer there.

It is generally recommended that you should have your carpets cleaned annually, which is true to keep them looking at their best and hygienic, but at this time, it is probably best to have the protection applied by us after the clean.

At Back To Life Cleaning Services, we can apply this protection to wherever you feel will be beneficial to you, and we are happy to advise you and give you our honest opinion if you are unsure.

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